We analyzed various fat and skinny girl subjects and found conclusive evidence that fat girls are not LTR material and are more likely to cheat on you than a hot skinny girl. It all comes down to self-control, which fat girls do not have. Self-control is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses (good food and dick). They can’t say no to McFlurries and chicken nuggets because all they care about is that dopamine rush they get from delicious carb-loaded food. If they can’t say no to a Snickers Bar or some Doritos, what makes you think they will say no to that hot guy with abs that’s blacked out drunk and is dropping the best game in the world? You can be in a 5 year relationship with this beluga and the minute chad wants to fuck her, she will do it in a heartbeat because she has no self-control.

Lacking self-control leads one to making a lot of decisions on the impulse, with little to no planning. Fat bitches are notorious impulsive decision makers, which is why they are fat. If a bitch is making decisions on the impulse, there’s no way in hell  she’s going to make a good LTR. She’s never thinking about the relationship, only about receiving dopamine rush, whether that be from Doritos or you eating her out. An impulsive decision maker is the type that would get a tattoo because it FEELS right, eat ice cream because it makes her FEELS good. It’s all about feels for these hoes, never about “is this good for me?” These belugas live in a time horizon of 3 days and simply cant plan beyond that time frame as everything is about instant gratification. You cant trust these hoes, especially the fat ones.

Besides self-control, these girls are fat. No matter how pretty their face is, they will never be better than a 5 on a 10 scale by default. Fat is not beautiful, it never was and it never will be. Fat is not appealing to the eyes as there’s nothing aesthetic about it. You see fat and your body reacts in disgust. This is a natural reaction, it’s your body protecting you from harm. Listen to it, because your subconscious knows what’s ahead, a fat hoe that will bring you down to her world. Additionally, woman’s body is a symbol of status and fat women signals a low class, impulsive decision maker that’s all about FEELS. When you act in disgust at the site of a fat woman its because the flight in your “fight-or-flight” reaction gets triggered.

If these fat women exhibit some self-control and slim down, they will live a happier life. They will more likely than not have more men flocking at their feet. They will receive more attention and get a quality dicking from top prospects at the snap of a finger. All they have to do is exhibit some self-control and cut out the carbs. At that point, maybe she might be LTR material because old habits are hard to kill. In the end, fat girls need love too. They just have to pay.

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