A man name Jim Rohn once said that “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” In today’s age of technology, it has never been easier to surround yourself successful, masculine men. To make this list, we spent a great deal of time on the web and followed men that provide great advice, make you above average, and make you get your shit together. Below you will find 10 accounts who will help take you to the next level.

  1. Le Duc, @Uhriginal_LeDuc

Give us a follow as we compile and funnel the best manliest information. We post uhriginal content, troll people for the lulz, and provide great advice that will make you a modern playboy. We take trolling seriously, anything we note as satire, should be treated as such.

  1. Wall Street Playboys, @WallStreetPlayboys

Nobody knows who they are but we know they were bred behind an alley on Wallstreet and provide all the information you need to go from $0 to seven figures. Time is money and the WSPs waste no time. They don’t deal with idiots and have an amazing blog with 10/10 advice at wallstreetplayboys.com.

  1. Swedish Playboy, @swedishplayboy

One of the original playboys of twitter, his twitter feed will make your self-improvement journey a successful one. Follow Swedish, as this man has bedded hundreds of 9/10+ European models and his tweets are just FIRE.

  1. Illimitable, @IllimitableMan

IM is the king of masculinity and the go to man for Machiavellian insights. He is the true definition of a shitlord and always tweets with logic. He’s the uhriginal creator of twitter phrases “Lesson in there” and “Few will understand this.” He makes aggressive tweets and may get the ban hammer from the cucks at twitter at some point. Follow IM and check out his website as well as he has great posts on a variety of masculine topics.

  1. Rollo Tomassi, @Rationalmale

The Godfather of the Redpill. Has written 3 amazing books to help men succeed in life and with women. You will occasionally find him putting feminists in their place and he posts many masculine related news articles. He’s a must follow if you want to be surrounded by real masculine energy.

  1. P.D. Mangan, @Mangan150

Get all the masculine health advice you need from Mangan himself. He’s a pro weightlifting, anti-aging, health, and pro-west tweeter. He constantly posts well researched articles

  1. Goldmund Unleashed, @GoldmundUnleash

When art meets masculinity you get Goldmund Unleashed. He’s a well-known womanizer and writes about his indiscrete adventures throughout New York City. He talks, the walk. Check out his twitter threads detailing out his pick up adventures. You’ll find everything from him striking out to scoring an HB9.

  1. Tanner Guzy, @Tannerguzy

Want to know how to dress better? How to dress with a masculine style? Tanner Guzy is your man. He keeps up with the trends and consistently provides guidance on how to dress like a man. His guidance will help you develop a style consistent with who you are and who you aspire to be.

  1. Black Label Logic, @blacklabellogic

Redpill’s logician, philosopher, and all around skeptic. He invented #genderonomics and his posts help you get the most Bang out of your buck. He tweets a variety of advice ranging from relationships, self-improvements, and philosophy.

  1. Ed Latimore, @EdLatimore

The modern, masculine Socrates. A man that grew up in the ghetto, became a pro-boxer and now shares his wonderful experiences and knowledge on the web. Ed Latimore provides some of the best advice on Twitter for men that you will not find anywhere else on the web.


Cyanide & Happiness, @Explosm

Cyanide & Happiness is the go to entertainment for non-politically correct entertainment. You’ll find cancer, aids, midget, and a ton of jokes that many puritanical eyes cannot handle.

Be on the lookout for our next series of Twitter accounts to follow.

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