Please note that this topic only applies to Americans since other countries figured out the right away to pay their personnel.

Tipping Etiquette is one of the oldest debates on the internet. Visit any forum on the web and you will find a topic on tipping. The debate has two sides: those who tip and those that barely/do not tip. Money makes us happy, so we’re the latter and we’re not even Jewish. We believe that people that tip are conformist joes that believe in some karma and just do it because that’s the way it is. We personally hate tipping and the system because everything about it is fake. Waiters don’t give a shit about how your average day went or how your food tastes. Waiters only care about the money like us and will brown-nose for 8hrs a day to make $20 or more an hour.

Here’s our tipping strategy

If you’re never going to see the server/bartender/person again, do not tip. Who cares if you stiff them, you will never see them again. They are not your black neighbor or part of your family, so who cares. Fuck them. If you’re visiting a city that you will never return to, do not tip. Save that extra cash and spend it on shit that matters like toll booths or lottery tickets. The only time you should tip is if you are going to be returning for service. We suggest you tip around 10% for average service and 20% for exceptional service. We don’t recommend you stiff a place you will be returning to because word gets around that you’re “that guy” and the next thing you know that burger you ordered will have cum, ass hair, and period blood as key ingredients. This strategy applies to everything from restaurants to strip clubs.

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