What does it mean to be Uhriginal?

To be Uhriginal, means to create content that actually GOES against the grain in a troll-like manner. We don’t microwave our iPhones but there’s enough gullible people out there that might give it a shot after reading our post. No one gives out advice on microwaving iPhones, but we do it for the lulz.  No one advises you to date fat girls, but we will soon because there’s desperate tards out there that will do it. We don’t like writing average advice shit since its everywhere and it takes too much effort to be a goody-two-shoes. Plus it’s easy to copy life hack blogs by writing the opposite of what they advise

The best way to get massive amounts of social media attention is to be different. To be different means to garner someone’s attention by doing something that’s out of the norm. Average people on social media post about their average lives: a night out the bar, their dog, a picture of something, their dumb kid, the siblings, their friends, the new car, a new apartment, etc. No one is going to give you a like and no one is going to read through the paragraphs about yourself. The only reason you would get any likes or views is because they are expecting you to reciprocate the love. Simply put, no one gives a shit about you unless you provide some form of entertainment.

Once you internalized that, you have the freedom to do whatever you want and be Uhriginal. For example, look at Uhriginal.com, we post whatever we want, however we want, and receive plenty of attention. Everyone’s out there posting good vibes, motivating quotes, helpful advice, etc and we’re out here creating the polar opposite of that good vibe stuff. You see there’s countless self-improvement and good vibe blogs reiterating the same information. It’s all the same shit: Get hot girls doing xyz, lose weight doing ABC, become successful by doing xy then ab then zy. What do we do: we do the same but it is all satire because giving false advice is lulzy and different.

We’re just a bunch a trolls thanks to anonymity. We don’t care about what people think and we create controversial content that earns a lot of views. We escape the norm with our own satirical self-improvement “life hack” blog. We shouldn’t publish this brilliant idea as someone might take it and make it better. Fuck it, go for it. The more people trolling normies the better, it’s all fun and games. We wouldn’t give two shits if you steal our content or our ideas because the goal of this blog is to improve our writing skills.


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