The key to motivating fat people is to remind them they are fat. Here at Uhriginal, we have been helping fat people lose weight one insult at a time. A simple reminder to an overweight person that they are indeed a fat piece of shit should do enough to prove their haters wrong. There are plenty of insults to use on the fatties such as fat fuck, fatass, fat piece of shit, whale, pig, hog, hippo, beluga (shout out to 4chan /fit/), whale, hambeasts, chubby, FATSO, tub of shit, tub of lard, butterball, porky, slob, fat slob, pudgy, heavy, heavyweight, piggy, big guy, tank, cow, and fat. We prefer to use insults related to animals (BELUGA LOL) since it paints a realistic picture into the butter ball’s unconscious.

fat fuck

You guys don’t believe this shit works? Well a Chef lost 291lbs after his friend texted and called him a fat fuck for 6 weeks straight. The guy completely turned his life around after getting called a fat fuck everyday for 42 day straight. He went from being that fat funny guy no girl wants to blow to the in-shape guy girls want to blow for days. One insult, every day, 291lbs less and more dirty blowjobs that will have girls moaning like belugas with down syndrome. We aren’t suggesting you put in the amount of effort as this guy but calling someone a fat fuck every now and then should do the trick.

Yes this is bullying and bullying produces results. We figured two possible scenarios end up happening: you lose the weight and you’re no longer a pudgy piece of shit or you end killing yourself. No one misses the fatty that killed himself so you’re better of manning the fuck up and losing those pounds. We don’t want anyone to kill themselves in any way except at the gym and by eating less carbs you fat fucks. Society has become so soft that we’ve killed the number one way (insults) to motivate these fat fucks to lose weight because of muh feelings. Go out there, disregard SJW and fat shame people into society.

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