Technology has made the the process of dating quicker. You can download an app, upload a couple pictures, write a witty bio, and boom you start swipping and judging the person based on their faux online looks. Interestingly enough, more men use dating apps than women, meaning the supply of dicks exceeds the supply of vag. A higher dick to vag ratio means there’s going to be lots of desperate men hopping to cash in on some easy vag. The world doesn’t work like that men, and women and men pretending to be women are cashing in on their desperation.

There are countless articles showcasing girls getting desperate guys to deliver food to their homes without even going on a date. There are girls who seduce guys to shovel their snow, clean their houses, do handy man work, with no dates, no kiss on the cheek, NOTHING. Additionally, there are girls who use the dating apps to schedule free dinners every day of the month and never have to pay a cent for diner as long as men keep behaving desperate. Here at Uhriginal, we applaud these women for cashing in on male desperation, and men can reap the benefits as well by catfishing.


You need three Things:

  1. Be Female or Pretend to be Female (catfish!)
  2. Dating App
  3. Venmo or Cash QuickPay

Be Female or Pretend to Be: Sorry men, but the way the process works, men will never be able to cash-in unless you’re a super star or millionaire, and that that point you wouldn’t need the cash. For you to make money from desperate men, you have to be a female or catfish these lads (Catfish pics have to be at least a 6-9/10). Women will never throw cash at some dick because dicks are everywhere and they can get dick anytime they want. There’s an endless amount of thirsty guys out there that can’t see through the catfish. Even if you get caught, you can just to block them and move on to the next target.

Dating App: There are countless dating apps out there such as Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, and others. To make life easier, we use Tinder and Bumble since we can just download the apps directly on our gadgets.

Venmo or Chase QuickPay: This is the key ladies and gentlemen. Venmo and Chase Quick Pay, when set up right, allows you to anonymously receive cash from desperate dudes. We prefer to use Venmo since its easier to create an account and dudes can initiate payments from their credit/debit cards and not have a bank account linked.


Once you have the three things above, it is time to make some money. We devised three methods with different levels of involvement.

Leave the Link in Bio Method: In the bio of your account, leave a line that says “Venmo me so I know its real: VenmoName123.” This method requires little effort on your part and makes the least amount of money. You don’t have to talk with dudes, you just have to swipe and let the  easy income sink in. We recommend actual women use this method, since they are actually looking for dick and validation and it wouldn’t hurt to make some side cash. (BONUS: instead of a Venmo link leave a link to your amazon wish list)

Uber/Taxi Method: This method requires effort on your part because you have to chat up the target. You have to match and then chat enough so that desperate guy invites you out. You make the cash by requesting the guy to send you some cash for an Uber/Taxi. This will come off as legit as long as your profile looks legit. As to how you make your profile legit, Google it or figure it out on your own. Usually we request around $20-30 for a ride. Once we collect the cash, we block the target or try to double down on some more cash. Rinse and repeat.

Program a Chat Bot: This is similar to the Uber/Taxi method only instead if you chatting up the desperate targets, it’s a chat bot. Use your 1337 programming skills and let the bot run the business for yourself.

That’s it folks. If you’re catfishing just remember to say no-homo and it’ll be cool bro, it’s all about that $$$.

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