You only live once and you are only young once, so don’t spend your prime years in a dark library with a bunch of autistic kids from a different continent. College is all about the fun and socializing, it is a four year vacation many do not get to enjoy because they constantly worry about things that do not matter. Here at Uhriginal, we came up with four reasons you should pick an easy major and enjoy that four year vacation that many throw away chasing a STEM degree or something that keeps you in the library for hours.


An easy major like communications, marketing or psychology gives you the luxury of time. If you’re smart, you’ll find these type of programs to be a big fat joke.  The material is easy to memorize, which means less time in the library and more time at the bars and gym. Given the material is easy to memorize, going to class will be completely optional, opening up your day to do whatever you want. Spend those extra hours working making some guap or building up real skills that get you paid. You can join 3-5 student organizations and beef up that resume and actually have time to be active and grow some leadership skills. More time = More Socializing = More clubs = more people = bigger network = guaranteed job when you graduate.


This is the best perk from having an easy major because high grades get you into high places. Easy majors are loaded with classes that give homework that can be done with 100% accuracy, open book tests, take home tests, online quizzes you can take with many people at the same time, 50% of your grade is participation, only 2 out of 5 midterms count towards your grade, drop your two lowest essays from counting, and the beautiful curve! These classes will feel like you’re in middle school all over again, allowing you to cruise through the material with record grades. A perfect 4.0 and some title with the word cum in it will look great on your resume.


If you are not stressed, you are doing it right. You start college at the ripe age of 18 and graduated 4 years later. By the time you are 22, you will spend 18% of your life in college. That’s a material number of years that should be spent enjoying life not stressed out. The less time you spend worrying about classes, homework, exams or your GPA, the better life you are living. An easy major makes you into a happy person and allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. You never see the easy major kids committing suicide, you see them enjoying life, ripping shots and getting yoked in the gym.


This is our favorite reason on why you should pick an easy major. With more time, you will be able to party more than those engineers and finance majors. The more you party, the more people you meet. The more people you meet, the better people skills you will have. The more you party, the more likely you will talk and bang hot girls because you will never see a hot girl in an engineering class or the library. These girls are only at parties, bars, and in the gym after their 1pm easy major class. You will build many memories partying and recap all those times with your bros/hoes when you graduate. Think about it, no one remembers that one time they spent 8 hours in the library for Chem 103 but they remember the 10 shots they took in a 20 minutes at the Alpha Tau party.

One thought on “Pick an Easy Major in College

  1. This is literally the worst advice I have ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible to say something this asinine. Employers will know when a program was a joke and no effort was given. This advice is a highway to underemployment and you should be ashamed of yourself (and possibly liable for ruining lives of students that actually listen to this garbage).


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