Caffeine: the one drug that majority of people enjoy day-in day-out. Before you go to the soul-sucking 9-5 you hate, you rail some caffeine to wake up. At the bars and feeling tired from all the fist-pumping with your bros, you rail some caffeine to keep up. Need to get that 1 rep max on the bench press for the second time that day, you rail some PREWORKOUT. Preworkout is coffee on crystal meth, for it gives you a shit-ton of energy, it’s cheaper, tastes better, and gives you some Zen-like concentration. People only use it for working out, hence the name PREWORKOUT. When used outside the gym, it’s a life hack.

This stuff gives you a ton of energy, more so than coffee since it has other ingredients that enhances mental and physical performance. A scoop of preworkout has about 200mg of caffeine per scoop, with some brands going up to 400mg. A cup of coffee has about 75-165mg of caffeine, so you’re getting more energy by the cup, so stop drinking Starbucks and enjoy some preworkout before work. It is going to wake you up faster, provide you more energy and you’ll be meeting those deadlines with ease. There’s a reason guys that take preworkout at the gym are the swolest, because of the energy (more energy = more reps more weight). That same energy that gets these guys swole will make you a top performer at your job. You will be getting more stuff done faster and better than your competition.

Preworkout is also cheaper than your average cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Most preworkouts have about 25-30 servings and run you about $25-30 dollars. That’s $1 per serving, where as a medium/grande coffee is about $2.50, so you’re already cutting costs by half. Preworkout will save you around $500 dollars a year for which you can spend on hookers and blow on New Years Eve. Heck, you’ll probably make more money at work since the preworkout makes you a top performer, allowing you to afford more hookers and blow throughout your career.

Coffee and energy drinks are made for energy but they taste like post-gym ass. Preworkout comes in a variety of flavors and with little to no sugar. The one we use tastes just like Jolly Ranchers and has no sugar whatsoever. Preworkout mixed with water produces no gag reflex and has less calories than coffee. When you drink coffee, you have to add the cream and sugar to make it taste good but those additives are just empty calories. Preworkout comes at around 50 calories per serving, so you’ll be looking more cut compared to a coffee drinker.


A hidden benefit from preworkout is the zen-like concentration it provides. Supplement companies know that to become a great bodybuilder you need energy and concentration, that’s why they add legal performance enhancing ingredients to the formula. The concentration from the preworkout alone will get you through your day at work with ease. Any projects and deadlines you have will get completed quicker, making your day easier. This is why a lot Frats have higher GPAs in college than non-fratty people, they have been using preworkout for ages. An 8hour study session is hard on coffee but a complete joke on preworkout. Add the fact that these bros use preworkout in every aspect of their lives, resulting in top performance overall.

Bonus: If you went out for drinks and wake up with a hangover from hell, take some preworkout. The caffeine and other chemicals in the preworkout takes away your headache and nausea allowing you to function like a normal person. Make sure to drink plenty of water, you’ll be 100% in no time.


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