Are you tired of looking like a fairy at the gym with those weightlifting gloves? Do you want to grip the barbells with something more natural and not look like an 1980s Harley Davidson biker? Tired of getting white chalk on your black pants and shoes and having hands that feel dryer than a porn star’s vag? Well here’s a simple life hack to solve all your grip problems at the gym: use baby oil.

How it Works

When you exercise your palms get sweaty and that makes it difficult to maintain a grip on the bar. Rubbing baby oil on your hands repels the sweat from your hands, allowing you to maintain a stronger grip. It also heats up your hands by drawing more oxygen to them, resulting in a faster recovery, which leads to more reps. Baby oil usually comes in a bottle and you can get them in tiny 60z bottles that fit your pocket. It’s a nice unknown hack since you get to drop the lame gloves and messy chalk. Now you can walk around the gym smelling like a fresh baby.





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