Back in our day, people used to gather around the internet forums and prank call Gamestop. This troll was simple: you get your local Gamestop’s phone number, post it in a public forum, and tell everyone to call in and request Battletoads. After a while, the staff gets pissed and annoyed because they have to answer every call due to corporate policy and then react like the video we posted below:

We give the above troll a solid 10/10.Notice how the witty young anon calls in, distracts the manager with the Super Mario, throws in some subtle racism, then drops the Battletoad bomb (after 10-20 people have called in requesting the game). The rage from the manager is just delicious because we know the loser’s week has been ruined. This troll is simple, easy, and effective. Those poor Gamestop people have no idea they’re getting raided but they must keep answering the phone, because CORPORATE said so!

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