KANSAS CITY- You can read the Psychology Today article and Google it why trolls troll. The information you will find provides great insight and takes a very academic approach in which the average addy’d-out, broke college student can comprehend. They focus on the obvious reasons trolls troll online and irl, but none mention the main reason trolls troll: For the Lulz. To put in simple terms, doing it for the lulz is an action that gets carried out for the sake of self-amusement. As such, a troll is someone who carries out a specific action to provoke reactions in others for the sake of self-amusement.

Self-amusement is a troll’s ability to entertain himself. In this world there is no better form of entertainment than one that you can create on the spot for yourself. Such entertainment comes at no cost and can happen anywhere and everywhere. Self-amusement is an ability trolls have in life in which no one will ever be able to take away. You can stick a troll in jail, an environment that limits a citizen’s entertainment, and you can bet he will troll the the shit out of the prison guards or other inmates for the lulz. Note the word “self” in self-amusement, for a troll only does it for himself, and nobody else.


What amuses the troll is the victim’s reaction. Take for instance our latest life hack, Charge Your iPhone to 100% in 5 seconds, if you read the article and follow through with the genuine 10/10 great advice, you will end up with a new door stopper. People have  followed this advice and have fried their phone like a KFC chicken tender. We received messages “Hey my phone stopped working,” and the only response we can give is none, because they’re idiots that cant read the disclaimer we put at the bottom of the page. They reaction can range anywhere from anger to disappointment, but who’s fault is it? Not ours.

As you can see in the above example, the specific action a troll carries out tends to be offensive, far-fetched, or provocative in nature and goes against the grain. For a troll’s only motive is the lulz and their reputation is something that’s least of their concern. Professional trolls don’t give  rat’s ass about what other people think about them because trolls exist in their own world. Not carrying about what others think is a super power, its what keeps the troll trolling. For a when a troll gives into other’s opinion, he has broken one of the 10 commandments of trolling.


Side Note: This post begins our blog series of trolling, stay tuned for you will know the art of trolling and much more in the weeks to come.





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