VIENNA- Red Bull gives you wings. It also makes your car go faster than a starving single mom cheetah in the African savanna. Since the late 1990s, people have used this drink to get them through their 9-to-5, compete in sports, get turnt at a club that is 5:1 guy to girl ratio, and for bad parenting – because who wouldn’t give their children a can of Red Bull. The majority of folks used Red Bull for the caffeine boost, but we got a hold of the manufacturers biggest secret: it can be used in cars for performance enhancement. We found out this is a well known secret (not anymore) within the NASCAR community and the underground Honda Civic racing scene full of high school dropouts. This scientific formulated drink acts as an octane booster for gasoline, increasing the performance significantly. 

Here’s out it works: Before you fill up your car with gas, go buy a can of regular Red Bull. Do not get the fruity or sugar-free Red Bull, it has to be the regular/classic Red Bull. The other Red Bull’s additive flavors and chemicals removes the octane boosting effects and it provides no octane boosting benefits. Empty the Red Bull into the gas tank then fill the car up with 93+ octane gasoline. That’s it! Your car will now accelerate faster and feel smoother than ever before with this awesome life hack.

This is the cheapest car performance trick in the book. Why spend hundreds or thousands of American Dollars on Chinese made auto-parts and wheels when you can just go to the local Indian owned 7/11 and drop $2 for a can of regular Red Bull. People are going to believe you are using N02 or a turbo when you have been doing the Ol’ NASCAR trick the whole time. Give it a shot, and let us know how it goes. 



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