WASHINGTON- Here’s another life hack for y’all men: Feminism gets you laid more than masculinity. Women only want to bang men who behave like women. A man who is in touch with a woman’s feelings and needs and supplicates everything she requests is a modern Don Juan in 2017. All these angry women at the President Trump protests need some love and equality for which only the feminist Chads can provide. Here at Uhriginal, we did the research and found out why feminism gets these equality loving Chads 80% of the women.

Men who are feminists experience more respect in their relationships, more stability and have sexually satisfied partners. For women admire a man who can stand in the cold rain with a vagina hat for 8 hours protesting the fascist democracy they live in. Women know these types of men are “The One.” The one who will commit their loyalty and never cheat on them, because feminism does not like men that cheat like Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. The feminist Chad is the one who puts his girl first, in bed and everywhere else. He know show to work that tongue better than an Arizona rattle snake on the prowl. These men are made to sustain relationships for up to 40 years, have the thickest skin known to man and live up to the Disney fallacy of love, a feminist’s dream. That’s why women put out like chimps to these men, for stability and being the one is what turns women on.

These men understand women, they are the only ones that figured women out. They know women want equality and want to wear the pants in the relationships, so they give it to them. Women are tired of the traditional roles and imbalance of authority: They want to go work the 9 to 5 corporate jobs, want to mow the lawn, want to be garbage women, and want to come home to ride a feminine man until the break of dawn. These men will not give their women orders, for they prefer to take orders. They give up everything that makes them masculine for they know the life hack to getting laid every day.

Men, if you are not getting laid it is time to take some time to become a feminist. Easiest way to do it is to give up your masculinity and support women in everything. Whatever they ask for, you have to provide it. If you live in a big city, there will be daily, if not weekly protests against masculinity for you to attend. Get a vagina hat, and go support these women, for you will be getting laid like no tomorrow.


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