Tired of waiting for your iPhone to charge? Are you that person under the age of 23 that carries a charger with  you in your slim fit all-black Levi’s? Do you sit in random, awkward, cold, and dark places that are in close proximity of an American power outlet? Are you anxiously waiting for that Latvian girl with a mustache from Tinder to text you back but will freak out if your iPhone dies? Fear no more, for your iPhone will not cock block anymore with this life hack.

Here’s how you can instantaneously charge your iPhone to 100% for no extra cost and without risking your warranty. All  you need is your phone and a stainless steel microwave made after the year 2010. It has to be made after 2010 because the microwaves before 2010 will fry your iPhone dead. The last thing you want is a dead iPhone and blue balls (we assume everyone sexts).

Next, you have to set the iPhone face down on the microwave and make sure it is turned off. Set the timer to 5 seconds and make sure the heat is at least medium. If there’s no option to change the heat, then set the timer to 3 seconds. It wont charge to 100% at 3 but it’ll give you enough charge to keep texting that fat Eastern European girl from Tinder.

Once the 5 seconds are over,  you should be really close to 100%. In our experiences, it is 100% charged 10 times out of 11. We recommend 5 seconds because anything more might damage the iPhone.

NOTE: This will not work on Samsung phones because they will catch on fire. Happy Sexting!

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