MIAMI- Do you know why Arnold was so YUGE? He trained arms every day. It’s a life hack secret no one will ever tell you because they do not want you to get Arnold YUGE arms. You read all these arm bodybuilding articles, follow their strict regime, and keep a notepad of all your lifts then look at mirror and see a scrawny guy that’s all bones. Swole people are YUGE because they train arms every single day. There are no off days, it is all about over training. Do you think under training gets you big? NO. The more you do something the bigger, stronger, and more aesthetic you are going to get. Repetition is the mother of getting bigger, stronger, and aesthetic. Soon enough, lifting arms every day becomes a second nature like riding a bike or walking (if you are a baby).

One of the key benefits of training arms every days is hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a fancy word in the bodybuilding sphere for getting big. You can train your arms once a week like the average chump in the gym and will not experience hypertrophy. You have to hit those biceps and triceps every day, with no off days to reap those hypertrophy gains. Do this for a month, and you will notice you went from scawny bones to a Grade-A YUGE muscle guy that’s ready to destroy South Beach.

Training arms every day also gets you stronger. Day 1, you might be curling 10lbs dumbells, but we assure you that after 30 days, you will be curling 30lbs with ease. In a month, you will want to go grocery shopping with your mom just so you can carry all those grocery bags and a gallon of milk in one trip. You will open doors with ease and feel like you conquered New Zealand. Every guy at your gym will be immensely jelly and that girl that squats for 10 sets of 50 reps will ask you out.

Yes, training arms every day will get you laid. Those big arms will earn you the reputation of Casanova of Planet Fitness in Compton. Every single girl at the gym will feel your wrath, from the old lady who does not know what she’s doing  on the curl machine to the girl with 10 pounds of makeup on the elliptical, they all want you to fill up their tight sugar walls. There’s nothing you can lose training arms, only gains are made here. This is a real life hack, believe me!

Remember, first you get the muscles, then you get the strength, then you get laid. You achieve all that and you will have the confidence of LeBron James going 1-on-1 against Jim from Queens, NY. This is life biggest secret for men, this is a true life hack no one will ever tell you because they do not want you to succeed. If Arnold gave up his secret, then every guy out there would get YUGE and set the bar higher for what it means to be average. Go out there and work those arms every day.

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